In the Driver’s Seat – Leading Culture Change

Leading Workplace Cultures
//In the Driver’s Seat – Leading Culture Change

Insights for leaders into how they can unleash massive potential within and across teams by focusing on their workplace culture

There is a school of thought that the single most important responsibility of leaders in an organisation is to create the right culture.

This presentation explores the role of leaders in creating and sustaining a great culture. It begins by Steve showing startling results gained from his research across a range of organisations into improvements that would be realised by improving the culture.

After introducing his concept of unwritten ground rules (UGRs) Steve shows how to unearth the prevailing UGRs linked to those aspects of the culture most critical to the organisation’s future success.

Most importantly Steve shares with leaders specific actions they can take to shift the culture (and UGRs) to drive the organisation’s strategic direction.

Steve draws on his practical experiences with clients including McLaren Automotive in the UK, Kmart Australia and NZ, and Toyota Australia.

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AUDIENCE Emerging and existing leaders.

OCCASION Company get-together, staff meetings, management retreats or strategic planning sessions. Ideal as part of a transformation process. Perfect for the occasions when leaders need something new and fresh as well as wanting practical insights into what they can do differently.

OUTCOME Educate people about their role in creating a winning workplace culture. Show them what’s in it for them. Change the way things get done. Crank up results.

RESOURCES Comprehensive online vault of tools, resources and assessments available to help implement, measure and sustain workplace culture transformation.

What’s in it for the INDIVIDUAL

  • Completely fresh and new insights into what shapes culture and the role leaders play
  • Learn outcomes from world-first research into the behaviours staff exhibit that contribute in positive and negative ways towards the culture
  • What leaders can do to strategically shape the culture

What’s in it for the ORGANISATION

  • A shared understanding and commitment across the leadership team of what can be done to strategically manage the culture
  • Shared clarity about specific actions that can be taken to effect meaningful change
  • A winning workplace culture
  • Improved engagement and customer satisfaction

You are such an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic speaker that I didn’t want your workshop to end!

Martha Ruiz, City of Los Angeles, USA