Creating a Service Revolution

Service as a Point of Difference
//Creating a Service Revolution

Novel insights into the impact of great service and how the concept of Discretionary Service can be used to gain a band of loyal customers

So many companies promise to deliver great service but fail to do this.

This presentation by Steve Simpson can change all that.

Steve provides insights into the impact of less-than-ordinary service and how this impacts the bottom line. He then introduced his concept of ‘Discretionary Service’ – a novel concept that everyone in the organisation is able to relate to.

The notion of Discretionary Service is linked to employee engagement to show why so many organisations are unable to deliver on service promises. Finally, Steve shares remarkable insights into what really drives customer loyalty – and here’s a hint – it’s NOT customer satisfaction! But it does link back to Discretionary Service.

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AUDIENCE Everyone. Especially leaders.

OCCASION Conferences, company get-togethers, annual reviews Ideal for those times when you need to motivate your people with a strong call to action.

OUTCOME Energises and inspires people to provide better service to internal and external customers as well as providing practical things people can deploy.

RESOURCES Monthly online resource.

What’s in it for the INDIVIDUAL

  • Insights into what factors contribute to great service
  • A new and fresh understanding of what individuals can do to provide great service
  • An understanding of what prevents great service even when customer service training had been provided
  • Ongoing strategies that can be deployed

What’s in it for the ORGANISATION

  • A shared understanding of what can be done to stand out, based on service
  • An improved desire to work together to provide great service
  • How to use the concept of ‘Discretionary Service’ on an ongoing basis
  • Improved customer satisfaction

All I could say about your presentation is “Simply Great…'”

Khusnooma Mehta, TATA Asset Management, India