Creating a Safety Culture

Safety, For Real
//Creating a Safety Culture

Going beyond ‘knowing’ about the importance of safety to having collective ownership of a safety culture

One of the problems in industries where safety is an issue relates to sustaining people’s focus on being safe.

In this presentation by Steve, he shows how despite the best intended safety training initiatives, the culture of the company counts most. Unless the culture is right, safety is compromised.

If you want a completely new angle on safety, and practical tips on what can be done to garner ownership and lock-in a safety culture, then this is a presentation you need to hear.

The concept of unwritten ground rule (UGRs) has enormous application in organisations where safety is an issue – yet remarkably has been focused on by very few organisations.

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AUDIENCE Everyone. Especially leaders.

OCCASION Company get-together, staff meetings, management retreats or strategic planning sessions. Ideal as part of a transformation process. Perfect for the occasions when people are just not performing to standard, and need some direction.

OUTCOME Educate people about their role in creating a winning workplace culture. Show them what’s in it for them. Change the way things get done. Crank up results.

RESOURCES Comprehensive online vault of tools, resources and assessments available to help implement, measure and sustain workplace culture transformation.

What’s in it for the INDIVIDUAL

  • Fresh  and new insights into why safety training sometimes fails to gain traction
  • How culture impacts on safety
  • The role that individuals play in shaping the safety culture
  • Specific actions that individuals can take to improve the safety culture

What’s in it for the ORGANISATION

  • Shared understanding how culture impacts on safety
  • Renewed commitment to taking actions that are supportive of a great safety culture
  • A more positive, productive and safe culture

  I gained incredible value at both a personal and professional level

Senior leader, Gold Fields Australia