Steve's Conferences

On this and the following pages, we’ve listed some of the conferences at which Steve has been invited to speak. You’ll also see comments (and a video) from delegates at some of the conferences.

Local Government Managers Association Conference

Keynote presentation and follow up workshop

Fremantle, Western Australia


Thank you for an inspiring and informative session both on Thursday and Friday. You presented in a manner that was humorous while still getting your message across to delegates.  That is difficult to achieve with an audience that attends 3-4 big conferences a year and are used to seeing great speakers in action.

We received positive feedback from delegates and most rated your sessions as the highlight for the conference.

Thank you again and I hope to work with again soon

– Viola Jacobs, Events and Operations Manager, Local Government Managers Australia (WA)

Customer360 Symposium

Keynote presentation

Hunter Valley, NSW

Presentation at Midlands Leadership Group Regional Conference


Wolverhampton, UK


Rarely has a speaker lived up to his billing, but you certainly did and your easy presentation style made the learning that much better. The Member feedback was very positive and they certainly felt the workshop was one of the best we have had over the past three years.

Well done, a very valuable workshop.

– Colin Perry and Jay Hale, Joint Chairmen, Midlands Leadership Group, UK

5 Star Customer Management Conference

Keynote presentation

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hillross and AMP National Conference

Keynote presentation

Perth, Australia

Annual Conference for the Institute of Customer Service

Opening keynote

Heathrow, UK

Comments & Video

Opening keynote, Annual Conference for the Institute of Customer Service, Heathrow, UK (Video)

Steve Simpson’s contribution to the ICS Conference was first-class: a stimulating, persuasive, convincing and valuably provocative overview of the unwritten ground rules which actually underpin the reality of corporate life.

– Dr Ted Johns, Chairman, Institute of Customer Service

I speak for myself and my colleagues, who also attended the Institute of Customer Service Conference, when I say that your presentation was indeed one of the best. A cracking presentation: engaging, insightful, inspirational, thought-provoking, FUN and how accurate! Everyone should conduct a UGR “audit” and then work together to encourage and retain the good UGRs.

– Carmen Lester, Customer Service Manager, CIBA Vision UK

Cotton Consultants Australia


Narrabri, NSW

Annual Conference for Southbank Institute

Keynote presentation

Brisbane, Australia

Water Dynamics Conference

Keynote presentation

Gold Coast

Presentation for the Australian College of Health Service Executives

Brisbane, Australia

Chief Customer Officer Forum

Sydney, Australia

  • Great insight. Love the questions. A true ‘a-ha’ moment for me.
  • Around here we tend to gloss over this subject of culture.
  • Very interesting concept UGR – I can use this.
  • Practical, easy to understand and insightful – will be able to put into action.
  • Excellent and relevant.
  • Very timely and helpful session. I particularly enjoyed the insights on how to create UGR’s – very practical & insightful.
  • Really useful session – simplicity of concept was refreshing.
  • Very relevant – simple process to define desired culture.
  • Excellent session and very relevant.
  • Good tools and discussions.
  • Excellent session – well planned and with tangible tools to take away.
  • I like Steve’s work. We understate the importance of culture.
  • Practical, interesting, challenging, insightful and relevant.
  • Really thought provoking & relevant. Can’t wait to “around here”.
  • A good presenter, polished and well prepared.
  • Good interesting, Through provoking. Strength of tools to invoke transformational agendas – change agendas.
  • Good concept, very practical.

Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference

Keynote presentation

Brisbane, Australia



You are a legend.  Like a fine wine you are getting better with age though I did not think that was possible.  You know I have now heard your UGRs presentation on a number of occasions but I never walk away without feeling more invigorated and determined to make sure I do better within my team and organisation.

On behalf of the Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for being a keynote speaker at the conference and setting the “benchmark” for the rest of the conference.  Because of your efforts it was again a highly successful event.

The feedback on your presentation has been sensational and people walked away with a much better appreciation on UGRs and the power of harnessing them.   A number of my team commented on the power of such a “simple concept”, and are very hopeful of applying some of the learnings from your high quality presentation.

Again I would like to say thankyou for  helping make the conference so successful and look forward to seeing you next time that you are in town.

Warmest regards

– Vince Aisthorpe, Chairman, Queensland Chain and Logistics Conference

North American Conference on Customer Management

Presentation and post-conference workshop

Orlando, USA

Annual Conference, SOCAP in Europe

Keynote presentation

London, UK


A brilliant presenter, who engaged the audience from the off. His riveting ideas on service and corporate culture were presented in a clear yet original fashion. The audience bought into the concepts swiftly and I came away determined to improve not only what I do but also the way my organisation interacts with its people and customers.

Jeff Hartley Head of Group Customer Relations Royal Bank of Scotland

I’ve rarely taken so much away with me as I did from my first sighting of Steve Simpson. Fresh ideas, supported with robust research and delivered in a very natural, involving and energetic style. A real Customer Service Pro!

Graham Hardy Chairman, SOCAP in Europe & Head of Customer Contact Boots The Chemists Limited

Presentation at Regional Conference for Academy of Chief Executives


London, UK

International Leadership Symposium


Johannesburg, South Africa

MLC Conferences

Keynote presentations

Melbourne, Australia


I attended a seminar recently where one of the presenters, Steve Simpson, delivered a presentation on customer service. Having been an employee of large organisations for many years I have had numerous opportunities to attend customer service presentations and I must admit that I was expecting the ‘same old, same old’.

I was surprised to find that Steve brought to this age-old topic a high level of knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm. My attention was kept throughout the whole presentation as I was continually learning. Steve made the presentation interactive allowing the audience to contribute. Steve is very obviously passionate about his topic and I was disappointed when the session closed as I am convinced that I could have expanded my knowledge further had more time been allocated.

– Debbie Lancaster, Project Manager, National Australia Bank Limited Financial Planning

I have heard Steve Simpson speak at different conferences over the last year or so and have found him to be very informative but at the same time entertaining.

I have tried to implement many of his ideas in my business and have found his information on “engaged” and “disengaged” workers to be particularly helpful in dealing with staff.

Having attended many conferences in the financial services industry over 40 years I would rate Steve’s message and his ability to get it across up with the best.

-Gerard O’Brien, T/A Wealth Concepts, Authorised Representative, GWM Adviser Services Limited, T/A Garvan Financial Planning, Australian Financial Services Licensee

RSL and Service Clubs Association Conference

Keynote presentation


Legal and General UK


Kingswood, UK

Annual Australian Human Resource Institute Conference

Keynote presentation

Gold Coast

Club Managers Australia National Conference


Gold Coast

St George Bank Conference


Sydney, Australia

Annual Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance Conference

Keynote presentation

Melbourne, Australia


Steve is a breath of fresh air as a presenter. He captivated and engaged the whole group at the recent VHA Governance Conference in Melbourne. His approach to talking about and approaching the unwritten ground rules (UGRs) in organisations was both refreshing and genuine. I would recommend him as a true expert on this very touchy subject

– Veronica Jamison, Chief Executive Officer at Bass Coast Health

How refreshing to have a conference presentation that was not only engaging and entertaining but which provided immediate, tangible actions that can be applied in any organisation including at Board level to address issues of culture and hidden behaviours.

– Frank O’Connor, Director on a number of NFP Boards

Steve Simpson is one of those rare presenters who is able to convey a powerful message simply. In an engaging and entertaining presentation, he was able to clearly explain the importance of ‘Unwritten Ground Rules’ as drivers of organisational culture.
Quite simply, he hits the nail on the head when he says UGRs are arguably the most important aspect of any workplace culture. People are yearning for positive experiences at work, and Steve provided practical strategies for leaders to help shape those experiences.

– Karen Foster, Director, o2 Media

Steve was a very engaging and interesting speaker with some real ‘gems’ to share about the unspoken rules that are rife in our workplace cultures

– Kate Gillan, Chief Executive Officer, Lorne Community Hospital

Other comments collected by the conference organisers:

  • Speaker of the conference. Relevant, applicable and a great, engaging presenter.
  • Excellent, post lunch humorous delivery of critical messages for leaders
  • Excellent time. Good messages.
  • Good presenter. Interesting ideas
  • Excellent
  • Excellent and useful
  • Very engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Very entertaining. Very pertinent to my own work.
  • Excellent
  • Time allocation too short
  • Took a lot from this
  • Excellent
  • Great content of implementation
  • Excellent
  • Very engaging and thought provoking
  • Excellent
  • Great presentation
  • Hard gig after lunch. Very thought provoking and entertaining
  • Perfect person for after lunch
  • Excellent but longer session needed
  • Fantastic. Very lively and engaging presentation
  • Very interesting, energetic and engaging.
  • Great presentation – fun, informative, loved the interaction.
  • Professional speaker who was informative and interesting. Well presented.
  • Energetic and excellent examples to help get the message over
  • UGRs – fabulous
  • Excellent
  • Informative and entertaining. Great speaker.
  • Powerful, motivated, great presentation.

HDI Conference


Las Vegas, USA


At this year’s Help Desk Institute Conference, I had the opportunity to attend Steve Simpson’s workshop on “Unwritten Ground Rules.” His presentation was a highlight of the conference. Steve’s sense of humor, credibility, and subject matter gave me pages of notes to use in my own consulting and training. I would recommend Steve to anyone who needs to better understand the complicated, vital, and often-misunderstood world of corporate culture.

Jeff Selby, Customer Relations Director Kuni BMW-Cadillac-Saab

You are such an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic speaker that I didn’t want your workshop to end. Thank you so much for teaching me the concept of “discretionary service” and how UGRs impact/dictate other people’s behavior. I’m looking forward to reading your book I loved your session!!

Martha Ruiz, City of Los Angeles

Steve, your UGRs presentation is something every organization should have the opportunity to experience and learn from. The material was delivered in an entertaining enlightening way that included audience participation which allowed the attendees to climb aboard the UGR bus. Those UGRs are everywhere, but it’s not until they get the spotlight they deserve will they be addressed. Your presentation has heightened my senses and the detective work is already underway to uncover UGRs and address them. Thanks for an enlightening presentation. I look forward to reading your newsletters.

James Shypitka, City of British Columbia

Your sessions was one of the most interesting I attended. I can honestly say that I used the information as soon as I got back into the office. It was interesting to explore the underlying culture and sentiment amongst some key people on our team, by using UGRs. I definitely recommend this information to anyone who is running a service organization.

Hayyal Ighneim, Global Operations Rockwell Automation

While at my conference it was recommended I attend Steve’s seminar because of his dynamic presentation as well as his insight into why business runs the way it does. I must say the time was extremely well spent with a great presentation that provided me a wealth of information that I could use to make my operations better for my company. Thanks Steve. Next stop, your book…..

Nancy Nusser UICI

HRD Conference


Excel Convention Centre, London


We had Steve speak on cultural change a year ago in London and he went down an absolute storm.  People LOVED him and I very much enjoyed working with him…he was very professional, conscientious and amiable. His ‘thing’ is what he has termed the Unwritten Ground Rules of organisations and he gives people a blueprint of how to tap into what is really going on in an organisation in order to achieve effective change….’.

– Anita Cox, Conference Developer,CPID, UK

Steve, with your concept of UGRs I feel that you have unlocked the secret to the understanding of a very complex subject – more importantly making it very understandable to CEOs who may normally not be too keen to listen about “intangible matters”!

However I must also admit that such a valuable and relevant message could not have possibly come across the great audience at this master class presentation with such conviction had it not been for the extremely energising and lively presentation that you gave. You managed to engage the audience from the very start till the very end and it was actually quite sad to realise that the time was up!

I do not hesitate to state that your presentation was the best out of the 9 I had the opportunity to listen to at this year’s CIPD conference.

The passion with which you communicated your material was contagious indeed so much so that whenever you asked for feedback from the audience, this was forthcoming with great eagerness, showing that everyone had grasped the concept in a relatively short span of time!

The visuals used were strikingly varied to ensure the complete attention of everyone in the conference hall. It was a top class presentation from a top class professional. I look forward to doing further work with you in the near future.

– Michael Mifsud, Human Resources Manager, Ltd, Malta

Keynote presentation at National Conference of the Meetings and Events Australia

Keynote presentation

Gold Coast

Profiting from Stand-Out Service

Two-day workshops

KL and Bangkok

SOCAP US Annual Conference


New Orleans, USA

Annual Conference for Dataworks

Keynote presentation

Gold Coast


Your presentation was brilliant, it captivated not only myself but the entire audience. Even on Friday after a gruelling 3 days at the conference people were still talking about UGRs.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend another of you presentations again in the future.

– James Scullen, Supervisor, IT Services, Johnstone Shire Council

I had the great pleasure of hearing you address the  DataWorks Conference in Queensland last week. Your presentation on UGRs provided a dynamic, thought-provoking start to the three day conference.

Your insight into organisational culture is remarkable; the impressive content was matched only by your outstanding delivery.

– Paul Thompson, Communications Manager, North Shore City Council, New Zealand

Steve is an excellent speaker who presented a fascinating insight into the ground rules in society. The content of the presentation was very useful in understanding the culture in organizations, albeit common sense, sometimes it is important to have a reality check on the thinking and behaviour of organizations and their staff.

– David Gaven, Business Systems Administrator, Information Systems & Technology, Tweed Shire Council

I found Steve’s presentation to be highly engaging, informative and useful and look forward to discussing the application of the issues raised in our workplace.

– Paul Fendley, Manager, Information Management, Pine Rivers Shire Council

I must say I was thinking of skipping your session, because I have not always had good experiences with this type of talk – they are often not relevant, although admittedly usually entertaining.

I must say that your talk was both relevant and entertaining, and I found your modest style quite refreshing. As an ex behavioural scientist I found the kind of live ethology you are doing very interesting – but on a scientific level it does of course raise lots of questions! I certainly found it very interesting and well presented, and think that applied to all the others present. I would certainly highly recommend you as a speaker, and hope to hear/meet you again.

Once again thanks for the stimulating talk.

– Rob Cook BA,PhD, Manager Information Technology, East Gippsland Shire Council

Annual Conference for Lexus Australia


Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia


Comments from some of the delegates:

• Steve Simpson was fantastic.
• Would like more time with people like Steve Simpson.
• Steve Simpson was great
• I felt the whole weekend was well set out and Steve Simpson style was so easy to follow, I’d love to get hold of these slides to use at our dealership. (Our note: We provided the slides – we always do!!)

Conference for the CEO Institute


Melbourne, Australia

NZ Local Government Managers Association Conference

Keynote presentation

Queenstown, NZ

Zurich Australia Conference


Sydney, Australia