UGRs and Change Management

An Appetite For Change
//UGRs and Change Management

Understanding the reasons behind change resistance and how to create teams with an appetite and enthusiasm for change

How many of us have heard someone say something like “hold your breath for long enough and the moves for change will fade away"? People verbalising this are actually articulating an unwritten ground rule (UGR) associated with change.

In essence, what people are saying here is that there have been attempts in the past to implement change, but little eventuated. So people's recollection of events from the past creates UGRs that lock-in, and will make change more difficult into the future.

It's in this context that Steve creates a new angle on change management in his presentation. Often people pay lip service to the idea that the culture must be right for change to occur. They pay lip service to this because they are unsure about how to change the prevailing culture.

That's where Steve helps create clarity. He introduce the UGRs concept, shows how UGRs prevent change, and gives practical guidance on what leaders can do shift the UGRs, and the culture to be more receptive to change.

This angle is guaranteed to be new and different!

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AUDIENCE Everyone. Especially leaders.

OCCASION Conferences, company get-togethers, annual reviews Ideal for those times when you need to motivate your people with a strong call to action.

OUTCOME Educate people about change and their impact on change initiatives. Show them what’s in it for them. Change the way things get done. Create an appetite for change.

RESOURCES Comprehensive online vault of tools, resources and assessments available to help implement, measure and sustain workplace culture transformation.

What’s in it for the INDIVIDUAL

  • Why change initiatives often fail to achieve their potential
  • The role that culture plays on change
  • An understanding of how individual behaviours impact on culture and change
  • Actions that can be taken to create an appetite for change

What’s in it for the ORGANISATION

  • A shared understanding of the role that culture plays and how this impacts on people’s desire to engage in change initiatives
  • How the culture can be modified to grow an appetite for change
  • A ‘change-oriented’ workplace culture

Your presentation is something every organization should have the opportunity to experience & learn from.

James Shypitka, City of British Columbia, Canada