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Hi Gail and the Exec from Country and Outback Health

Below is a 6 minute video where I talk about UGRs and what we’d cover in a session with the broader leadership team.

To Summarise What We’d Cover with the Wider Leadership Team

Here is a summary of what we would cover with the wider leadership team (recognising that there are wide variations in experience and expertise):

  • The ‘case for culture’
  • An introduction to the UGRs concept – what it means and how UGRs drive people’s behaviours
  • Understanding and identifying UGRs in the workplace
  • A walk through the five steps to use UGRs to both understand and strategically improve workplace cultures. The would have a very practical orientation that would provide leaders with things they could do differently to create a dynamic, positive culture
  • If we had time we could explore the three principles that characterise organisations that have truly been able to transform their cultures

My premise for running any session with any group is that the content and process must be fun, engaging and add maximum value. We’d have lots of laughs through the day, but not at the expense of providing people with completely new and practical insights that have proven to make a difference in organisations across the world (including those in health in Australia – I’m currently working for example with the North Metropolitan Health Region in Western Australia)

If you would like to learn more about UGRs, there is a short booklet here

If you would like to learn more about me, there is a short booklet here

Thanks Gail! As I say, more than happy to connect over the phone or via Zoom.

All the best.

Steve Simpson
0419 901 391