Chess Connect and UGRs

/Chess Connect and UGRs

Hi Jasmine

It was great to talk with you yesterday. Below is a short video as promised.

Here are more details about what we could cover in a session with leaders:

  • How culture impacts on individual and team performance – the ‘business case’ for culture (there is often a need for highlighting the business case for culture – too often overlooked)
  • An introduction to UGRs – how they drive people’s behaviours
  • World-first research into UGRs – how to identify the prevailing UGRs
  • The five-step approach to using UGRs as a vehicle to both understand and strategically improve workplace cultures
  • Practical insights into what leaders can do to transform the culture

As I note in the video above, if we were to work together I would want to talk with Paul and others identified by Paul to understand the context and ideal outcomes. The session would be shaped accordingly.


My fee structure is as follows:

  • Half day – $7000 plus GST
  • Full day – $8000 plus GST

In addition full economy return airfares from Melbourne would need to be covered as well as other travel and transit costs and accommodation, if needed.

Below is another video featuring senior leaders from McLaren Automotive who talk about their experience with UGRs

I can be contacted on 0419 901 391.

I really look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your colleagues!


Steve Simpson