Revealed: Why culture transformations fail

There’s little doubt that workplace culture has become an increasingly important aspect of leadership within organisations. Culture is talked about a great deal and actions are taken in an attempt to make improvements to cultures. Why? Because culture impacts performance at an individual and organisational level.

Sadly however, most efforts to improve cultures fail.

Let’s get this clear here however. The fact that change initiatives fail to gain traction is usually NOT because leaders have bad intentions.

The massive risk of good cultures

An article from our Cultural Intelligence newsletter…

We were running a culture workshop a while back and it was clear the group, consisting of staff and leaders, was highly involved. As we focused on an issue that emerged from our UGRs Stock Take (a tool that identifies the real culture of a workplace) one staff member (let’s call him Graeme) shared a view with the entire group that was clearly difficult for him.

The silver bullet of workplace cultures

An article from our Cultural Intelligence newsletter…

It can be argued that the topic of workplace culture has never been hotter. From crises within sporting teams to integrity issues within organisations, so many problems are positioned as ‘cultural’ issues.

That’s brought with it volumes of research and opinion as to what is needed to fix these cultural challenges.

History tells us that the vast majority of these so called ‘solutions’

Does Your Workplace Have UGRs?

Want to understand your culture? Understand the UGRs…

Most of us have been to a meeting where, upon conclusion, the real meetings begin. Typically, people reconvene in smaller groups to canvass a range of issues that can include displeasure at a decision that has been made, lamenting the attitudes of one or more people who were at the meeting, or planning a strategy to work around a particular outcome.

It’s often the case that those most vocal after the meeting are least likely to have spoken up during the meeting.

How UGRs Make or Break Corporate & Workplace Culture

To change the culture – change the UGRs

Our recent research sought responses to this question:

If the culture of your workplace was to become as good as it realistically could, how much improvement would there be on people’s performance/productivity?

Of senior leaders who responded, 91% felt performance would improve by 20% of more. Of the middle managers who responded, 58% felt performance would improve by 50% or more. These results,

Management Matters – When Silence Ain’t Golden

Using or condoning ‘the silent treatment’ is unforgivable in any worker, let alone a leader.

One of the true stars of the game of Australian Rules Football is former Geelong player, Gary Ablett. In 2009, Ablett won the Brownlow medal, which is the highest accolade for an individual in the sport.

During the 2010 season there was huge conjecture as to whether Ablett would re-sign a contract with Geelong. This was despite the team having been extremely successful.