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Values Are NOT Enough To Improve Workplace Culture

Values statements can do harm!

Increasingly, HR professionals are being urged to play a strategic role in pushing Values as the key mechanism to create a positive, productive culture.

This is occurring during times when there has never been such a wide range of pressures placed on the HR function. Performance management, employee engagement, talent management, training and development, organisational development, OHS& EHS, attraction, retention and innovation are some, but not all of the responsibilities being pushed the way of HR.

Management Matters – When Silence Ain’t Golden

Using or condoning ‘the silent treatment’ is unforgivable in any worker, let alone a leader.

One of the true stars of the game of Australian Rules Football is former Geelong player, Gary Ablett. In 2009, Ablett won the Brownlow medal, which is the highest accolade for an individual in the sport.

During the 2010 season there was huge conjecture as to whether Ablett would re-sign a contract with Geelong. This was despite the team having been extremely successful.