Steve In Action

 Below is a collection of video that demonstrate Steve’s work and how his ideas have influenced the companies he has worked with.

The video above is an overview video of Steve Simpson

Above is Steve and Stef’s video that is used an an inspirational way to look at workplace culture

The video above is of an interview with Clive Lloyd from global company Sentis about UGRs and working with Steve Simpson

Above is a clip from a ‘Parkinson’ style session where 60 Minutes Reporter Tara Brown interviews Steve

The video above  is a segment from an international conference at which Steve was invited to speak.

In the video above, Steve introduces the background to the book, titled ‘A Culture Turned’, he has recently co-authored with his great friend and business partner, Stef du Plessis.

The video above provides delegate comments after Steve Simpson’s opening keynote presentation at the Institute of Customer Service Annual Conference in London